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The Pure Lotus skincare - Fab Beauty Bar

The Pure Lotus

The Pure Lotus is a luxurious skincare brand coming straight from the island of Jeju, South of Korea, known for its lush, unpolluted ecosystem and mineral-rich volcanic soil.

Strictly cruelty-free with vegan formulations, the main ingredient is natural White Lotus Leaf extracts from the pond of Jeju Beophwa temple. These leaves have powerful antioxidant and flavonoid properties, which help maximize the skin’s natural healing ability for incredible anti-aging, detoxifying, and energizing effects.

The brand’s bestsellers include the Lotus Leaf & Camellia Leaf Mist and Lotus Leaf Extract 89% Essence Lotion, both known for their restorative and antioxidizing qualities that help to maintain skin’s natural health.

Fab Beauty Bar is an authorized reseller of The Pure Lotus, which we are proud to make available to you!